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Welcome to
Fries Construction!

We are glad you found your way to us. Here at Fries Construction, we will work with you, your ideas and dreams until you feel that you are ready to start construction.

We will give you advice and help along your project, so at the end you will get the most for your investment. Please talk to us early, we can help you to stay focused on the important things at the time and guide you throughout the whole project. There is no obligation
until you sign a contract.

We have many trades at hand to give you the best possible solution. With the European decent of the owner, Hanno Fries, we will make sure your project becomes unique and beautiful. Our goal is to satisfy YOU, our customer to the fullest, no matter how small or big the job is. Detail work is what we stand for in every phase.

Please feel free to roam around on our virtual construction site – no hard hat needed!

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